Healthy Living in the Carolinas



TIPS to a Healthier YOU!

1. Drink water!

Ditch the sugar filled (and sugar free) drinks.  Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.

2. Take a good quality Probiotic daily.

Aim for one with at least 7 different strains of bacteria. Find one with over 5 billion CFUs. Choose one that is dairy free, gluten free, and chemical free. Preferably one with lactobacillus acidophulus & bifidobacterium strains. I currently take Garden of Life Mood+ probiotic.

3. Avoid Trans Fats.

The US Government allows the label to read trans fat free as long as it’s under .50 grams. That means it still has trans fats in it! Read the ingredients and look for words like “partially hydrogenated oil or vegetable shortening” and avoid any foods with these in them.

4.  Ditch refined sugar!

Why?… Sugar is addictive. Sugar messes with your glucose levels. Sugar increases your risk of heart disease. Sugar affects your mental health. Sugar affects your energy levels. Sugar speeds the aging process. Sugar affects your immune system. Sugar feeds disease. Shall I keep going?

5.  Eat a limited amount of Saturated Fats.

Meats and dairy contain saturated fats.  Sorry, folks, that means limited amounts of cheese! I aim to be dairy free morning and afternoon and eat small amounts of dairy at dinner. Limiting saturated fats will help you maintain your overall healthy weight. I do not eat meat at every meal.

6.  Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

An adult should aim for 3-5 fresh or frozen servings a day. A child’s serving will depend on their age, but aim for 2-4 servings a day.  Also, variety matters, so try a wide range of fruits!

7.  Drink Green Tea.

It is antioxidant-rich.  It may reduce your risk of heart disease.  It can protect your skin from the sun.  It can help your lose or maintain your weight. The catechins in green teach can actually help kill mouth bacteria. It can help your mental health. It can help your digestive system. I drink Ito En Matcha Blend.

8.  Stay active.

Aim to walk at least 70 minutes a week to start. Or find a class to try. Join a gym. Mow your lawn. Get creative and get your heart rate up into the cardio zone.

9. Limit your eating out.

As soon as your leave your kitchen you are trusting someone else with your overall health. Restaurant food is usually packed full of fat, sugar, and empty calories.  Of course I’m not speaking of ALL restaurants.  There are more and more popping up that are whole food based.  With that said, eating out is very costly. You rarely have leftovers for the next day which you would if you prepared your food at home.  Avoid fast food as much as possible. Trust me it can be done, I am a recovered McDonald’s junkie and haven’t been in over 5 years!

10. Get proper sleep!

Aim for 7-9 hours a night.  Have your room very dark. Get room darkening shades. Get an air purifier to clean the air and make white noise. We love ours! Or, if that’s not in your budget now, get a small white noise maker.  Turn the temp down at night.  Avoid caffeine after 3pm. Don’t eat within 2 hours of bedtime as this stimulates your digestive system and can keep you up.  Don’t drink alcohol right before bed (I know, sometimes I don’t listen to this advice either! and I pay for it.).