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Stop Chewing Gum

Stop Chewing Gum

I have NEVER been a fan of chewing gum. The thought of someone chewing something all day long, probably with food particles in it, makes me gag. I do not like when I see a sweet picture of a couple and you can see one of them has a piece of neon colored gum in their mouth as they smile wide for the camera. I can’t stand to watch someone chew and chew as they have a conversation with you. Y’all have probably witnessed the “nervous chew”, rapidly chewing as they go about their day.

It has been YEARS since I have purchased an artificial flavored gum. Awhile ago I was driving with my mom and she pulled out a piece of gum. The whole car quickly filled with this STRONG smell. Strong enough I reacted to the smell with a “wow!” (or something like that). I think it was Polar Ice flavored (whoever makes that).  No way was I putting that into my mouth. It was so strong. Apparently my sensitivity to smell has changed too. I truly believe that gum is the nonsmokers cigarette. Think about that for a minute.

I felt compelled to write this blog entry so we can get the word out. Chewing gum is not helping you lose weight. It is damaging your taste buds and making you think you need to be chewing something ALL. THE. TIME! Stop now.

This is from Trident Layers gum:

Where do I begin??? Gum Base, I’ll just skip that for now (you can google it), Maltitol (artifcial sweetener), Maltitol Syrup (made from Maltitol), Sorbitol (artificial sweetener), Natural and Artificial flavorings (both NOT natural), Mannitol (artificial sweetener), Acesulfame Potassium (artificial sweetener), ASPARTAME (Satin’s candy), artificial dyes, trans fats, more artificial sweeteners…WOW!

If you think for ONE minute that just because you aren’t swallowing the gum it isn’t getting into your bloodstream, you are telling yourself whatever you want to hear. These chemicals also cause digestive distress as well.


If you haven’t read this article by Food Babe, you need to! Wanna Piece of Gum?

What do I use if I need a fresh up on my breath? I LOVE YumEarth peppermints. And sometimes I just put a drop of Young Living peppermint oil on my tongue. If you can’t give up chewing gum, but what a healthier option I’ve included some below too!

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