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Chemo Diva

Chemo Diva

Let’s face it! If I’m gonna have cancer and do chemo I damn well better be a Chemo Diva. HA!

In all seriousness, as soon as I found out I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma I searched the internet for ways to make my own wig out of my own hair. I mean, I had 15 inches of good hair. I quickly found the Chemo Diva’s website. Thank goodness because I really didn’t want to make it myself. Off went the hair and off it went to Florida to be handmade.

Christine Heinin is the founder of Chemo Diva and also owns Hip Hats with Hair. You can read all about her story and the wigs here:  Chemo Diva

There are special instructions to get your hair prepped and to her in the proper manner. It had to be cut before it started to fall out too and that is why I cut mine the week after the first chemo.  My daughter helped me put it in the tiny ponytails and cut it off.

Many people struggle with losing their hair. Many struggle with it more than chemo itself. For me it hasn’t been hard.  I am just too focused on the end result. REMISSION. I can wear a bald head as a helmet for battle.  I got this! I’m not looking forward to losing my eyebrows and eyelashes though!

Here are a few pictures of my daughter and I when we did the hair cutting. I made the first few cuts. No tears were shed. I was ready to take the control and not let chemo. I am so glad I did because it started to thin the week later and what a mess it has been.













 OH MY WORD! This is a nice look.

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My wig is a halo wig, so it has to be worn with a hat.  It’s super comfortable too. Here is a picture of me with my hair attached to my head (left) and my wig made from my own hair. HOW COOL!


My temporary look which is no longer l

looking as good as this image.



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