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Chemo #5 (Nov 8-20)

Chemo #5 (Nov 8-20)

  Chemo #5 was the first one I had without the Bleomycin (the drug that can cause lung toxicity). YAY! This was the first time I got to see Dr. Ghosh, face to face, after he gave me my good news of my PET scan results on the phone a couple days prior.  We were both very happy that morning and I enjoyed looked at my before and after pictures. SEEING is believe.  My neutrophils were way up and my blood work looked great. Onward soldier to my chemo #5.

The actual infusion didn’t go badly.  I felt some nausea this time and didn’t manage to eat my carrots and grapes I usually take, but ate some nuts and other things. I wanted pretzels and there were none available. My pretzels are ready for chemo #6.




All the orange around my collar bone and heart WAS the cancer.

It’s gone in the right image. Praise the Lord!


My chemo buzz was going STRONG and I was STARVING and craving biscuits and gravy from a local restaurant. My husband was kind enough to get them for the starving maniac I was. He said I talked about the biscuits and gravy for a hour before we left. Goodness! At that point the drugs had taken over and I was a doped up crazy person.  Probably not the smartest choice to consume them in the car right after chemo before a long ride home. I usually wait until I get home to eat and in smaller amounts.  Remember my last post, I said I can’t be trusted to make important (or smart) decisions the day of chemo? I WASN’T KIDDING! This time there are orders NOT to stop for food on the way home and get me into bed as soon as possible.

After all the drugs went in(L).   During the first chemo drug (only one hand administered) when I chomp on ice the entire time (C).  Waiting on port needle to be taken out so we can leave (R).

The afternoon after chemo was probably my worst so far except the mouth and taste issues after chemo #1.  I could barely function and keep my eyes open as I felt drugged up and full of comfort food (which makes me tired on a normal day).  I have brought this to the attention of my doctor and we will discuss tomorrow.  There is maybe a chance I didn’t get Zofran along with my other anti-nausea med and maybe that will make all the difference and allow me to eat more during infusions.  I plan to drink even more water leading up to sitting in the chair next time. In the moment you feel somewhat “with it” and then the next day you realize you don’t remember all the parts of the afternoon. YIKES! Sounds fun doesn’t it? Like a drunkard. A chemo drunkard.


For with God, nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37


The other strange thing is I had THREE bowel movements that afternoon.  This was fun since all I wanted to do was to pass out in my bed for a couple hours, but no I had “things” to do.  I typically struggle for days with constipation after chemo. Could the biscuits and gravy be to blame for all these changes? I will soon find out since they are being omitted this next time.

CONSTIPATION! This is NO joke during chemo. Holy hell.  If you are blessed enough for this to not be an issue during your chemo consider yourself lucky (unless you get the opposite, which I have been blessed not to have…YET).  I won’t go into details (you’re welcome), but it becomes a full time job to keep things moving. I dream of the days when I will be regular again and won’t even have to “think” about it happening because it just will.  I have found drinking the Calm magnesium drink helps with this as well and I prefer it over laxatives and even the prune juice. (I share link below)

I was more tired this time around. It didn’t help we had a week of rain and super cold temps. On a normal week like that I would want to be bundled up under covers and staying out of the cold. I did just that pretty much that whole week after chemo. However, I missed the walks and sunshine! About a week after chemo infusion the sun shined again and the temps were in the 60s. Hallelujah.

We worked on getting the Christmas stuff out and up.  I continued to cook  meals too! I just had to take more breaks the first week after.  One of the cruel things with chemo is this.. I feel great right now. The past 6 days I have taken walks, worked outside, baked 3 pies, prepped for whenever we get around to doing our “Thanksgiving feast” BUT that will all change come tomorrow afternoon. The cycle begins again.

Chemo brain is getting worse.  I can’t keep things straight and need to write a lot more things down these days.  However, I still have my sense of humor and love for life. I call that a win win!




Day 65 hair update. I have chosen not to shave my head completely (for now). I have lost a little more since this picture was taken and I’ll share that next time. Still have my eyelashes and eyebrows. I hear those most likely will go after chemo #8.

I started to spray a mixture of Young Living essential oils lavender  and rosemary on my hair as I have read it can help with hair loss. Who knows, but it smells refreshing.



Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27


Chemo #6. I am ready for you. I dread you and am scared of you, but the Lord is telling me to no be afraid because he will be with me. I shall focus on that. xo Angie


My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:2

Special thanks to my niece, Courtney for making my sign.




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  • Keep up the good work, Angie! Praise God for good results! Praying for complete healing for you and grace to get thru the future treatments.

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