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Chemo #7 (Dec 6-19)

Chemo #7 (Dec 6-19)

Chemo day 7 took forever! Doctors had just gotten back from a conference and you could tell. I had to wait a hour between blood draw and doctor visit which is usually a 15 min wait.  We were gone 7:45am-4:30pm.

I drank a lot of water before chemo and it helped or so I think. I’m not stopping this new tradition. Chemo dragged on and on and there was a delay in medication. I ended up not feeling great towards the end and asked for Ativan in my port since my dose wore off.  It helped me relax and I managed to doze off for 30 min while my last (hour long drip) drug went in. A miracle.

This is post is a day late coming to you for a few reasons A) My computer is from the dinasour age. I had planned to get a new one soon, but instead I have more medical bills headed my way. Don’t get me started on healthcare in the U.S. B) I was too busy doing Christmas things! C) WordPress decided to change the interface of the blog on me. Anyway, better late than never!

This image on the left is the same day as the one below on the right. Crazy the difference makeup and a wig can make.

I was way more alert and awake the days following this chemo. Night and day from chemo 6. I’m pretty confident the Neulasta shot is what makes me so fatigued. I’m getting that later today.

Hot flashes are still a legit thing. Annoying more than anything else. I still cook and bake for my family. It is my love language and without it I wouldn’t be me. Doing day to day chores and such are very possible (for me), but I pay for it afterwards with sore muscles and aches. It’s worth it to feel productive.

I would like to take this time to list some POSITIVES that come with chemotherapy (for me) because I believe finding good in all situations.

  1. I don’t have a period during chemo.
  2. I got a free Brazilian wax.
  3. I spend very little time in the shower now that I have no hair or shaving.
  4. No need to purchase shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc.
  5. I save on haircuts and hair coloring. Cost down to ZERO.
  6. I get cards and gifts of encouragement often. Who doesn’t love snail mail and gifts?
  7. I shave only once a month, if that.
  8. I can get out of pretty much anything by playing the “cancer card” as Kris Carr talks about in her book. Even though most things I wanna do, but can’t due to germs.
  9. I have more time to reflect on life and focus on my calling.
  10. I read scripture daily now.
  11. I reached my 2018 goal weight quicker than excepted thanks to stress in the beginning and all the waiting and waiting on results. Don’t recommend this way of reaching it! HA
  12. I realize I have a great shaped head and I actually look great in short hair.
  13. I never waste time doing my hair unless I’m curling my wig which doesn’t happen often.
  14. I could scare(scar) a small child (or grown man) by taking off my wig at anytime or showing them my remaining hair. HA! but I refrain….so far. Don’t push my buttons, I’m going thru chemo (see what I did there?)
  15. I take more relaxing Epsom salt baths than before.
  16. It has required me to spend more time on ME! Self love at it’s finest. Something so important, even without chemo and cancer.
  17. I have met some pretty amazing men and women battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A few I have gotten really close to and will consider them friends for life.
  18. I am grateful for my Lord and Savior and his strength and peace he is giving during this time.
  19. I am VERY grateful my zest for life and sense of humor is still here during chemo. Chemo may have killed my cancer, but it didn’t kill my laughter.
  20. Chemo has given me a chance to see people and friends differently and more intensely. It has shown me there IS much love in this world.

Thanks again to everyone that has reached out to me in the forms of prayer, cards, gifts, favors and the list could go on! You are the best!

May you have a blessed Christmas and focus on all the blessings you have! xo Angie

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