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Hair Growth After Chemo

Hair Growth After Chemo

I am sharing my hair growth in hopes to help others in their journey to regaining their hair back after chemotherapy Please keep in mind everyone responds differently and many people take different chemo cocktails than I did. I was on a chemo regimen of ABVD ((A)driamycin,(B)leomycin,(V)inblastine, and (D)acarbazine) for 12 chemos (dropping the B drug after chemo 4 after a clean PET scan) for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (stage 2A).

I will update these photos as I continue to grow my hair. I started biotin supplements after chemo #10 with approval from my oncologist. I used organic castor oil on my head after chemo #10, almost daily. I also made a hairspray with castor oil, filtered water, Young Living peppermint, lavender, cedarwood, and rosemary oils. I think consuming my wild caught marine collagen in smoothies helps as well.

Right after week 8 post I trimmed off the fuzzy tips and longer pieces. You can see from 9 week post below that it’s getting darker and trimming off fuzz has helped. Also, it’s starting to fill in a lot more in the front near my forehead. As of 8 weeks post chemo I have eyebrows and eyelashes coming back in. They took way longer to start growing back.


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