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I get asked all the time what products I used during chemo. I am going to make this page dedicated to those items I found helpful during my chemotherapy. I will also include items I was gifted that I really enjoyed (and those I gifted myself-HA!).

I hope this helps someone during this stressful time. Just click on any image and it will take you directly to the product for more information.

Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

(and Cancer Patients, feel free to treat yourself with one of these ideas)

My Favorite Young Living Essential Oils During Treatment

I used ALL of the above oils often during chemo. I ingested (most), applied topically and diffused them. I took many to chemo day (especially the Thieves and mint ones) and even the nurses enjoyed the lovely smell they created. A great gift idea would be a starter kit with a diffuser (it’s the best value!) I love my diffusers and use them often. I even have one for my car too! Here’s the link to purchase any of these oils:

Click link:

Young Living Oils

I used CBD oil during my entire treatment. I used the 2400mg formula below. I am blessed to live close to the supplier and get this at a discounted cost. You could easily start with a lower dose, but I figured if I’m going to go big, chemo was the time. Also, it was a blessing to be gifted a couple bottles from different friends during my treatment. This is Full Spectrum oil and has a very earthy taste, but the taste is worth it to me for the results. You can read about this oil and purchase via this link :

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Prime Sunshine

Please make sure you consult with your oncologist before starting any supplement or vitamin I’ve suggested. Much love, Angie

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