Healthy Living in the Carolinas



Hi and welcome! My name is Angie and I’m so glad you stopped by.

I have been on this journey of healthy living for over 7 years now and loving it!  I was born and raised in a small town in Indiana where I lived for nearly 40 years of my life.  As a child I was given many opportunities to build my culinary skills in the kitchen, I just wasn’t very interested at the time (see that smirk on my face in the

photo?).  I think one would say I lacked a passion to cook and bake for myself. At the time I didn’t realize the impact,good or bad, it could have on my healthy and life. That lack of knowledge and desire led me down a road of eating highly processed foods.

For decades I ate the Standard American Diet and could feel and see it’s impact on my life. In 2010, I had my “light bulb” moment after losing a friend to Breast Cancer at the age of 34. I made an appointment with my doctor, got a physical and found out my cholesterol was elevated. It was that year I embarked on a journey to a new me.  I went all in, hoping I would come out a better, healthier person.  I began reading books on eating clean, watched food documentaries and started reading EVERY ingredients label of the food I put in my cart.  I finally realized that I had the power to change my life for the better.

In 2011 I started a food blog to share my journey, recipes and tips with others after so many were curious about how I achieved my results.  I am grateful for the friendships it has brought into my life and it has been amazing to help others along in their journey of better overall health.  After having enough of the Indiana winters,  my family and I decided to relocate to South Carolina in 2014. I quickly realized I had to find all new restaurants and grocery stores to frequent.  This was quite a chore for someone that was seeking real food ingredients, but I have managed to find a new normal.

Fast forward to today. I’m living in sunny South Carolina and enjoying all it has to offer. After much thought, I decided to re-brand my blog to better fit my new life in my Southern Healthy Kitchen. Here I will showcase my favorite recipes and recreate many of the Southern Classics into Southern HEALTHY Classics.  I will also take you outside my kitchen and showcase local brands, stores, and restaurants I’ve grown to love in the Carolinas.

Two things I’m obsessed with, tacos and helping others.  It’s because of you I do this blog.   I want to share my knowledge and journey with you in hopes it brings you hope and motivation to live a healthier life.   A long term change doesn’t happen overnight and it takes dedication and commitment but remember, YOU have the power. Now, who’s ready for some tacos?

xo, Angie